Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ah! Having done my part of my middle son's finish-the-last-few-college-applications frenzy (i.e., cracking the whip, editing, and forking over the credit card), I'm free to enjoy this new year... at least for a few minutes before I crash and fall asleep, anyway. A new year always feels to me like a fresh snow (which we're getting as I type) - pristine and clean and full of promise. I know my cheer will fade in a few days, as the slush turns gray and I break my resolutions, but I'm relishing this peaceful, hopeful moment for now.

Anyhow, this year my main resolution is to make resolutions I can actually keep. The challenge is thus to come up with some keepable ones that don't involve eating more chocolate and reading more books. Hmm.

Okay, this year I resolve to:

  • Draw every morning for 10 minutes.
  • Post on my blog at least once a week.
  • Finally get around to adding the list of blogs I read and update the list of 3-D artists I admire.
  • Finish my website and get it online. I HAVE to do this. SOON.
  • Learn something new every day (actually an easy one to keep - between kids, NPR, and my internet addiction, I can hardly fail to get my brain stirred daily).
  • Walk the dog at least twice a day, even when the weather stinks and we'd both rather hunker down by the fire.
  • Do jumping jacks and have a drink of water instead of (or at least before) I dig into my chocolate stash when stress-cravings hit.
  • Procrastinate less.
  • Send my holiday cards. Soon. Really, really soon.
  • Write thank you notes. Real ones. On paper. And affix stamps to the envelopes and mail them. At least some of the time.
  • Spend 15 minutes tidying my studio and/or the kitchen table before bed.
  • Eat more chocolate.

Doh! Well, I had to put that last one in because my list was getting less and less keepable as I went on. I guess I'll have to think about these some more.

So what resolutions are the rest of you planning? Any I have a prayer of keeping too?

1 comment:

roz said...

I vow to eat more chocolate this year too.

Seriously, wishing you a wonderful year.